Consilio means advice.
Nexus means personal connection.

The concept

ConsilioNexus is a unique meeting place for business executives, decision makers and ambitious professionals.

At ConsilioNexus you receive a tailored opportunity for confidential discussions, connections, inspiration, and personal development, and we create the conditions for new value-creating relationships.

The concept of ConsilioNexus is simple, and the only thing we expect of you is the desire to strengthen others, yourself, and your company.

The centerpiece of ConsilioNexus is the confidential One2One meetings between you and carefully selected participants. Through ConsilioNexus Academy we offer the development of your competences within management, communication and branding and you receive access to a number of Brainboost conferences with relevant and inspiring speakers.


At ConsilioNexus, we welcome both Dutch and international business executives, decision makers and ambitious professionals.

You probably already use your relationships efficiently and wish to forge additional relationships. You prefer to meet someone you haven’t met before, who can help with a fresh pair of eyes on you and your challenges.

Like many other business executives who reach a certain stage in their career, you have a holistic view of yourself, your company, and your leadership. You are competent and in control of your part of the company whilst having an overview beyond that. But you are hungry for input, new knowledge, inspiration, and personal development.

ConsilioNexus can give you that by peeling away the unnecessary layers to make room for new connections.

To become a part of ConsilioNexus, you must be recommended by an existing customer or be selected by us. You then go through an admission process consisting of six stages, including a personal meeting and an interview.

At ConsilioNeuxs, the conditions we create go hand in hand with coaching, personal development and professional relationships between people.


The confidential One2One meetings are the centerpiece of ConsilioNexus and the first activity you are offered.

The selection of people you meet are chosen on the premise of your profile which is based on the interview conducted in our admission process. In the meetings, a confidential and personal space arises. Here, you can have a real, on par dialogue in an efficient manner – suitably scheduled to fit a busy everyday life.

The One2One meetings give you new input, challenge you from different angles and inspire you to find new solutions to issues that are important for you and your company.

Each year, you are invited to a number of different One2One meetings, and each time we evaluate afterwards, to assure that you meet the participants which contribute most to your personal development.


ConsilioNexus Academy provides you with focused development of your leadership, communication, and branding skills.

Our Academy consists of short and effective courses that equip you with the tools and knowledge to create great value for yourself.

You can read more about Academy below.

Accelerated coaching
ExecutiveInsight revolves around accelerating the development of you as a leader. We combine personal coaching with the benefits you receive from participants in your One2One meetings. The course consists of four sessions where you receive a combination of coaching and mentoring. The sessions are individually planned with your ExecutiveInsight coach.
Personal presentation training
ExecutivePresence is about improving your performance of body language and tone of voice. The course allows you to become clearer in your communication so that you exude authenticity and authority. ExecutivePresence is about becoming compelling, clear, and motivating.
Your LinkedIn brand
ExecutiveBranding allows you the opportunity to strengthen your position on LinkedIn. The course includes a personal meeting about your profile and career as well as a revision of your LinkedIn presentation based on your resume, your career aspirations, and ambitions for future digital positioning.
Training in virtual communication
VirtualPresence revolves around the virtual meeting. You will be trained in how to passionately communicate in front of a camera and gain access to tools that enhance your virtual communication. The training takes place virtually, of course.


BrainBoost are a series of conferences that in just two hours give you knowledge about current and relevant topics.

With inspiring and experienced speakers on stage, you will be updated and inspired. BrainBoosts subsequently provide space for debate and opportunity to forge new relationships with other ConsilioNexus participants.

Some BrainBoosts are virtual meetings and participants can come from all over the world. One of them is our BrainBoost in September 2021 where serial entrepreneur, author and speaker Peter Hinssen from Amsterdam will talk about innovation, technologies, and leadership in The Day after Tomorrow.

Among our previous speakers and topics are:

Clement Kjersgaard: Politics and the media, USA, and Denmark in the future
Thomas Terney: Artificial Intelligence
Morten Münster: Behavioural Design
Imran Rashid: Digital Pollution
Peter Bartram: The International threat scenario
Lykke Friis: Brexit
Pascal Coppens: Can we trust China
Helle Bundgaard: The motivated Brain

About us

ConsilioNexus is a professional forum for business executives and decision makers. We were established in Denmark in 2010 and today have more than 800 companies represented in the concept – often with several participants from the same company.

The purpose is not to have many participants, but to have the right participants. That is why we make an effort to choose the participants who can contribute best and most to each other’s development.

ConsilioNexus is an international concept. We have customers in Europe, Asia, and North America and in 2021 we expanded to the Netherlands, focusing primarily on the One2One meetings. The ambition is to offer our Dutch customers the sought-after programs that are a part of the concept in Denmark.

We plan to strengthen our international presence in the coming years and at ConsilioNexus, we are constantly working to create offerings and the conditions that can strengthen your relationships and your development – all over the world.

We are concerned with having a personal relationship with everyone who is important to us – customers, partners, and each other. We are a company in growth and employ today more than 30 colleagues in ConsilioNexus under the leadership of CEO Jens Brabrand.