Personal Data and Conditions

ConsilioNexus reserves the right to change the terms for personal data management and general terms. By participating in a One2One meeting and other activities of ConsilioNexus, one accepts the conditions described below.

1. General Data Protection Regulation

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, we must inform you that we collect relevant information about you via a personal interview and other publicly available data. The data we collect and process is necessary for us to meet the services we have agreed upon.

We ensure that the data we register is not available to anyone other than those responsible for them internally, as well as those who make the agreed upon deliveries. We also ensure that only the necessary data for each delivery is used.

Your profile and other data we have registered will not be disclosed to third parties unless you have accepted participation in a delivery with us where a third party provides a service. The third party has instructions to delete all information after the delivery has been completed. We only provide contact information to third parties. If you independently make an agreement for further deliveries with a third party, this is then irrelevant to ConsilioNexus.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, we must inform you of an expected period during which we will use the data we have collected. The foundation for the services we deliver to you and other customers is your profile and other customers’ profile, as well as the knowledge of what creates value for you and other customers.

Granted that there are active customers in ConsilioNexus who are connected to your profile, either directly or indirectly, we will need to be able to see the connection between the information we have received from you and the information we have collected elsewhere.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, we must inform you that you always have the right to request insight into your data from us and that you have the right to correct or delete information if it is, for example, incorrect. You can access most of your information directly via your personal website with us.

If you contact us to gain insight into the data we have registered with you, you must provide us with documentation of your identity. If you contact us by mail or phone, we will use your contact information to contact you if in doubt.

When a deletion is made, this is done as an anonymisation of your data, where we remove the direct connection between the data we have and the directly personal information we have on you; e.g. personal name, mail, mobile, company name and CVR. Once this is done, we cannot later inform you about your activities with us.

You are obliged to act in accordance with the regulation in your handling of information or knowledge you may obtain through meetings and other activities of ConsilioNexus which may be covered by the General Data Protection Regulation.

The information or knowledge you may obtain through meetings and other activities at MedicusNexus, which may be subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, you are obligated to handle in accordance with the regulation.

2. Purpose and Ethics

The purpose of ConsilioNexus is to create a unique forum for sparring (coaching) and personal development with like-minded people. Therefore, all participants are subject to confidentiality vis-à-vis third parties. If the duty of confidentiality and ethics is violated, it entails immediate exclusion without compensation.

It is not permitted to conduct outreach sales at the One2One meetings. Violation thereof may result in exclusion.

Personal information one gains knowledge of, such as contact data and the like may not be disclosed to other participants and/or third parties without the express consent of the person to whom the information relates or ConsilioNexus.

3. Activities

All activities offered by ConsilioNexus are subject to cancellation rules. Unless otherwise specified, the following conditions apply:

One2One meetings:

If meetings are canceled more than twice by the same person, the meeting is canceled completely and the right to the meeting is withdrawn.

If the meeting is canceled within 48 hours before the meeting is held, ConsilioNexus may decide whether to cancel the meeting completely and withdraw the right to the meeting, or if the meeting can be rescheduled.

If two or more meetings are canceled during the period which the subscription has been paid for, ConsilioNexus may decide that the next dues shall be paid normally, regardless of whether the agreed delivery has been made.

Programs and Academy:
If a program or Academy is offered as part of the participation in ConsilioNexus, ConsilioNexus cannot guarantee alternative delivery in relation to a cancellation or cancellation of the activity.

Programs and Academy are provided by external partners. Therefore cancellation entails an invoice on 1.500 DKK ex VAT to cover the external services we acquire.

If a replacement delivery is made, ConsilioNexus cannot guarantee when or if costs are incurred.


BrainBoost are small conferences with a limited number of seats.
The first-come, first-served principle applies to registrations.

ConsilioNexus can put customers who cancel on short notice or remain absent on a waiting list or completely block from participation in BrainBoost.

4. Participation

To be considered, you must either be contacted by ConsilioNexus or be recommended by an existing customer. Before the final admission takes place, you must get final approval by ConsilioNexus.

When an interview has been agreed upon in relation to the admission, the participation is binding 14 days after receipt of the confirmation of the interview. When an interview is planned, internal meetings are held and external profiles are purchased.

Meeting Quality:

In the event that after 3 One2One meetings ConsilioNexus assess that a customer is not creating value for other customers, ConsilioNexus may stop the customer’s participation.


A participation can be on hold for up to 3 months at no cost to the customer. If a longer period is desired, it is separately agreed how this should be handled.

Subscription fee:

The subscription fee applies to the period indicated on the invoice. Refunds are not available in cases of non-attendance, illness, or exclusion.

ConsilioNexus periodically adjusts the subscription fee based on the services provided and the overall trend in the price index.


After 12 months of membership you are able to participate in one of ConsilioNexus’s programs.

You can only participate in one program at a time. When you have completed one program, you are more than welcome to choose one of the other programs.


The first year of participation is binding 14 days after receipt of the confirmation from ConsilioNexus or after a personal interview is scheduled.

Withdrawal from ConsilioNexus must always be in writing. Upon re-signing, a withdrawal can be made no later than 14 days after receipt of the invoice.

Customers who do not pay a due fee on demand will be excluded 8 days after the demand for payment without refund.

ConsilioNexus is a registered name and may not be used without the written consent of ConsilioNexus.